Original Painting

amsterdam_-_night_rainSometimes, individuals may think they have an original painting when in fact they are given a print. To avoid this, it is critical that one is able to recognize and distinguish a print from an original painting.

Art prints are reproductions of an original work created using a printmaking strategy. Among the most widely recognized types of prints are those created using a photo mechanical procedure, by which an image is photographically exchanged from a unique source and mass replicated.

Original paintings are works of art from a lattice, which is for the most part a solitary metal plate, a stone square, wood or screen that has been hand-made by a craftsman. Each impression is finished by the craftsman or artist and the grid is later pulverized. Prints are customarily marked and numbered in pencil by the craftsman and for the most part called “Restricted Edition Prints”. Numbering is effected using the following arrangement: 149/300. Original paintings can likewise be considered investments and are imbued with a level of status that mass productions do not have. Before asking

Art Is Life and Life Is Time

Graham-Gercken-Hand-Painted-Lake-Oil-Painting-Misty-Orange-Red-Landscape-Impressionist-Autumn-Wall-Art-14bArt is not art without emotion. It simply cannot exist without emotion. If a sculpture or painting fails to provoke an emotion inside the viewer, then it’s merely wall décor. It’s just something pretty on a wall. Art must grab us and make us feel something.

That emotion might be happiness, sadness, animosity, or perhaps a mixture of several. The emotion good art stirs is demanding and pressing. It’s an urgent cry that forces us to pay attention and contemplate the work.

Emotions aren’t static, fleeting experiences. They evolve and change. They travel with us as we traverse our lives and modern still life paintings need to capture the movement of the subject and the movement of the emotions. When we reflect on our lives, we don’t remember our emotions by the minute. We remember our emotions as they sojourned with us during a period in our lives.

We remember the grief of the loss of a loved one and remember how it peaked with sharp, cutting pain in the beginning and transformed into a dark reminder

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How Original Art Can Transform Your Space

907978da5bc40a0dec05f6ab50ff6654Throughout human history, art has provided a way for people to express themselves and their ideas, and it has equally provided a focal point for the imagination of onlookers and has fostered an appreciation of beauty in all its forms. For many people now a days, art in the home is a luxury that we can afford, bringing a touch of this magic into our spaces.

Indeed, original art can truly transform a space from something bland and lifeless into something with imagination, beauty and character. Here are a few of the main reasons that investing in original paintings for sale for your home is often well worth your investment.

Firstly, it can be said with all honesty that all art is an expression of the emotions, thoughts and perspectives of the artist that created it. These can be very thought-provoking, and this is why many people become huge fans of one particular artist – it can be because the painting or drawing speaks to them in particular, or because there is a profound idea encapsulated within.

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Hidden Secrets About Aboriginal Art

When Aboriginal artists at Papunya in Australia’s Central Desert started recording ancient stories using modern art materials, they knew their cultural secrets could be viewed by people who lived thousands of miles away from their homelands. Much of this cultural history was closely held by the elders, slowly released to their own people as they progressed through the traditional law and knowledge system.

Symbols or icons were used to represent elements of the stories and were widely recognised by Aboriginal people. The use of dots to decorate designs was extended to conceal parts of stories represented by the icons that should not be revealed to outsiders.

As stories of the dreams or Creations of the Aborigines, were central to many of the early paintings, there were hidden secrets that should not be shared. The stories were passed down along family lines by the custodians and placed great responsibilities on the custodian group. While it passed down generations, the message of not sharing these stories with the world was also passed down.

Nearly half a century later the stories told by that first group of Aboriginal artists have travelled around the world. These stories have brought

Contemporary Paintings And Common Man’s Love For It

From oldest of times, art has been a means to express oneself in a visual mode. With change and progress of time, the mode of this visual expression has changed, leading to the evolution of contemporary art paintings. Rather than searching out a specific topic for making the painting, at times a beautiful woman, or any other type of divine figure, this art gives one the freedom to make a painting that depicts the reality of life.

Given the extremely depressing scenario that is present, with help of such contemporary abstract paintings, one can surely relieve oneself of the very tiring and boring life, thereby getting a fresh feel to live life at a different level.

Thus, with such paintings, a connection with the audience also is at a different level, rather than the utopian thought of painting as a divine art.

Integral beauty of this art form:

Every form of art has its own inherent beauty associated with itself. However, the true beauty of an art is exhibited in the way, the audience connects with it. There are a series of contemporary paintings, that have a huge ground in the market, with a

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Cape Town Art Fair

One of the highlights in my annual calendar is attending the Cape Town Art Fair. It gets bigger, and better each year. The main attraction of the show is that it brings art from Africa to the world, and in many ways, it brings the world to South Africa. One dedicated space is the temporary home to the Arts over these few days.

Originally, the Fair focused on Contemporary art only, but now, I am pleased to announce that they have a great mix of Contemporary art, and Old Masters. I love this combination, since it offers the opportunity to art collectors and artists alike to the see the progression of fine art. This way, we are able to see how, when artists are exposed to wide audiences, they evolve into becoming old masters.

African art is so incredibly diverse, as there is so much around us to inspire our talented artists. We have the geographical beauty that Africa offers, ranging from our seascapes, to mountain ranges, and a large range of landscapes. We have a variety of diverse cultural heritages which inspire artists to reach into the very souls of our people.

I was

Why Our Culture Does Not Deal With Art

Schools consider art an aside from intellectual activity. Once a college major is chosen, course selection becomes more constricted. This constricted view sees imagination as a weakness. Social conversation respects and rewards precision of thought. The professional world rewards “critical thinking.”

There is a whole world of emotion beyond this thinking. Think of a joyous moment in your life. It was driven by emotion, not critical thinking. In evolution, emotion came to early humans long before modern thinking. Emotion drives evolution, then and now, even on a personal level. We find happiness in emotion. Music, movies and literature are industries based on emotion. I think it’s clear that emotion is in play when we choose political candidates.

In all of this emotion in popular culture, fine art is a niche, but it’s becoming less of a niche every year. Millennials enjoy a variety of group social activity. The art gallery scene is a vital part of this activity. Think of art as psychic antifreeze which helps you find you true SELF.

The culture does a good job of stimulating activity, but it’s not so friendly to individual reflection. We are all on our own. If

Legendary Genres Of Painting In India

From early civilization to the modern era, Indian paintings form a rare aesthetic continuum that has never failed to fascinate art lovers. Experts describe these paintings as lively, vivid, sophisticated, and refined, yet vigorous and bold. Influenced by different cultures, the evolved Indian style of painting is very hard to categorize as a single form of art. From pre-historic rock paintings to Mughal paintings to British influenced company paintings, Indian art has a long history and a vast tradition. If you wish to buy paintings online in India, this write-up will do you a world of good. Without any basic idea about the broader classifications of Indian art, you will find it very difficult to buy paintings online.


Indian murals can be traced back to the ancient times. The mesmerizing caves of Bagh, Armamalai, Ajanta, Ellora, and Sittanavasal are the best examples of Indian murals. Versatility of form and line, role of composition and color, and supreme creativity are the major highlights of this art form. These masterpieces can easily mesmerize the beholder and inject a different state of consciousness.


Gautam Buddha once said, “The master painter disposes his colors for the

The Art of Varnishing Your Paintings

How you protect your paintings is just as important as how you prepare your painting surface, the quality of your paint, and what you mix with your paints while applying them. All of these tasks add up to not only how your final painting will look, but how it can be cleaned in the future—even decades from now. A finish coat of varnish, the right kind applied in the right way, ensures that your oil or acrylic painting will have an evenly distributed gloss, satin, or matte finish that won’t yellow and will be protected from dirt, dust, and air contaminants like smoke. The varnishing process is an investment in the longevity of your painting.

When an oil or acrylic painting dries, the outer surface—the skin or film—hardens and actually separates from the inner paint substance itself. Depending on the mediums mixed with the paint during application, this outer surface dries with a matte, satin, or glossy finish. Typically, this finish is uneven and is a mixture of those different qualities. Varnish evens out this final surface quality to either a matte, or flat finish; satin; or glossy, more reflective surface. Giving your painting surface a uniform

How To Buy Paintings Online For Your Home

Your home is your sacred space, and it is necessary to decorate it well. This is necessary so that you look around your home and like what you see; it gives you that sense of being at peace in your own home.

Home decor is very important for your family too. Everything in your house should give you a welcome feel. This is also true for guests who visit your home. After all, you do want them to like the kind of home that you have. The artwork exists at the very core of home decor, and original canvas art can take your home to new heights. It gives a different outlook to your house.

It is rather easy to buy paintings online these days because there are so many sites to choose from. However, not all of them have the best galleries or paintings that they portray in their homes. So, this can get quite disappointing after a while, and it will be a waste of money too if you don’t know where to look for.

Things to consider before buying

You can easily find an online art gallery but finding one that

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Blank Canvas Blues: How Do You Begin a Painting?

You just finished setting up an interesting still-life. You placed a couple of apples, a vase of flowers, and some grapes on a lovely piece of fabric, carefully making some folds here and there. You’ve arranged your still-life in front of a very dark background. Since you positioned a light source coming in from one direction, there’s an interesting pattern of darks and lights. Your palette is loaded with colors and all of your supplies are at hand. You’ve chosen just the right size canvas for your painting and it’s properly prepared and placed on your easel. Now, you sit down to paint—and you draw a blank. You’re faced with this vast, white canvas staring back at you. You reciprocate with a blank stare back at the canvas.

Now what? At one time or another every artist faces this artistic version of “writer’s block”. Almost every beginner faces it out the gate. The wiring in our brain that has evolved from prehistoric times that protected us from predators and each other triggers our “fight or flight” response when we face fear. And fear is the root cause of artistic or creative mental block.

Many questions race

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Unusual Techniques to Try With Paint

Paint is an inexpensive way to add color and personality to your walls. Some techniques can create a striking appearance or a visual illusion.


When you want a finished effect that involves a variation of colors, ragging can be an effective technique to try. This process is also inexpensive; all you will need is a drop cloth, tape, tray, and roller. Of course, you will also need a lint-free rag or cheesecloth. The surface will require a standard matte finish as the base, a second matte color, and a latex glaze. Depending on the desired result, you can either use a lighter base color and a darker glaze or vice-versa.

After applying the base color to the wall, allow it to dry completely. Prepare the mixture for the next coat by mixing one gallon of glaze with one quart of the second matte paint. Moisten the rag slightly, then wad the rag into a loose ball in your hand, and dip it into the mixture. Dab the rag onto the wall randomly to begin adding color. You can add as much or as little as you wish. Continue to reload the rag with more

Christian Art Reflects Christianity Through Paintings

Christian art is a sacred and special art, which uses different themes, as well as images from Christianity. In Christian paintings the kingdom of Heaven meets the culture. It’s actually the point where the artists have the unique and most amazing opportunity, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be able to translate the Kingdom of Heaven into a language that can be understood by anyone in the most unique way. More specifically, it’s a language that bypasses words or even phrases and goes directly into the human spirit. When people being able to collaborate with the Holy Spirit, it’s the power of God and His Light that merge with people’s faith, as well as desires and creative thoughts.

Whether the art is abstract, impressionist, realistic or anything in between, it’s inspiring to see God being glorified in an amazing collection of art paintings. More specifically, Christian and prophetic art uses images of Jesus, as well as narrative scenes from His Life, which in fact are of the usual subjects and scenes from the Old Testament, which also play an important part in Christian art. Moreover, religious art depicts also biblical themes, such as art abounds,

How To Use Contemporary Art Paintings As Decor

We live in an age where we create art for arts’ sake. The point of art is to appeal to our senses and bring beauty into our lives. Art is on canvas the picture what we see around us, it is also an expression of who we are. We need not create art to express ourselves, but the display of art in our houses and personal spaces is also very telling of who we truly are. These days it has become rather easy to buy art paintings as there are many sites online and in stores in our local neighborhood to check out as well. Of course, sitting at home and browsing through some of the best work out there in the world is very enticing.

Using art around the home

One of the best places to use contemporary abstract art is around the house – especially if you are the kind of person who loves minimalist, but chic décor. Taking pride in your home is a good thing, and you can showcase through the exemplary art that you have displayed as well. But you cannot simply put up random art pieces around your house. This

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A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Your First Contemporary Paintings

While we push the youth of today towards high paying corporate jobs, and degrees that have good prospects, we cannot deny the importance of art in our lives. Whether it is in the office, at home, or even on the streets, we always stop to admire good art and the aesthetics of a place. Art has been a source of never ending satisfaction and it genuinely helps us emotionally and mentally. Art also works as good decor. Art is important, and if you recognize that, and you’re looking for the right way to purchase your first modern art paintings, then this guide should help you!

How to buy art?

You would be surprised at how much intuition actually works when buying art. But you cannot rely on just your intuition when you are searching for oil paintings. There are many facts that you need to acquaint yourself with, and above all else, you must love what you buy. Below you will find a few helpful bits of information that will help you.

• The first thing you need to know about buying canvas paintings is the name of the artist. The artist need not be

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10 Tips Every Face Painter Should Follow

In every industry, hygiene is an essential factor that must be considered. For instance, in every restaurant, waiters are asked to wash their hands at every opportunity they get. Beauticians are asked to clean their brushes for each client and most change the needles. There are certain rules as to what must be followed regarding hygiene but still there is some grey area when it comes to it.

Face painting – its evolution

Over the last two or three decades, face painting has evolved as a very popular sort of amusement. Kids, for instance, love this and more often than not, they prefer it in their parties. But as it has advanced, there has been a growing concern regarding its contamination and how to counter it with proper hygiene. For a healthy and happy painting, here are a few tips to follow:

    • Always use the products which are compatible with your skin. Refrain from using acrylics or markers or any other product which are not apt for using over the skin.

    • If you have sores, skin disease or any cuts, do not paint. If you do, it can elevate the soreness and

Why You Should Consider Buying Paintings Online

Nowadays it is possible to buy almost anything we want or need online, and fine art is certainly no exception. With thousands of talented original artists looking to reach their ideal audiences online, there are now many excellent websites showcasing fascinating and beautiful original art for anyone who wishes to make a purchase.

There are always disadvantages to buying online – including the fact that you have to wait to actually receive the item before you can assess whether you really like it or not – but there are some many advantages too. Here are a few reasons why buy paintings online can be the right way for you to find the perfect piece of art.

The first reason why buy paintings online is a great idea is that you can find something that really appeals to your tastes and preferences, often from an artist that you would never normally come across. As with all online purchases, it has become possible to discover things online that are simply not available in our local area, and this is the same for artists and artwork that we like.

It is possible to browse numerous collections on websites

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Investigating Art Heists

One of the most perplexing cases to come across the desk of a PI is the theft of valuable art. After all, why would anyone steal fine art, since it’s so difficult to sell? Not only is it off-limits to legitimate art dealers, but the vast majority of private collectors would never buy it, either.

Art is very easy to damage. The theft itself, the transportation, and improper storage seriously erode the value and therefore the presumed payoff for the theft. Contrary to what you’ll see in the movies, art theft is not done by people who love art and want to hide it in the basement. In fact, the thieves often leave evidence of careless handling, which adds terrifically to the level of pain experienced by the museum staff or the private collector. What’s more, if there is any sentimental value attached to the artwork, the thieves don’t care about that, either.

The tools for investigating art theft are basically the same as what we use for any other investigation: surveillance, photos, interviews, and public records. Private Investigators have no police power to detain suspects for questioning, enter buildings or private property to conduct searches,

Choosing Artwork for Your Home – How to Interpret a Painting


First look for the narrative, simply describe what you see. Who or what is depicted, what’s going on? If you see people and things, the painting is figurative; if you see lines and splashes – go for non-figurative. The name of the painting might come in handy, especially when it comes to Dali.

What seems to be more important for the artist – representation or expression? Compare the paintings in the styles of hyperrealism and expressionism – you can always tell if the images look idealized or expressly distorted.

Notice the feelings you get looking at the painting, the general impression produced by the entire painting and its elements – later you will dig deeper to understand what inspired those emotions. There is a reason why you like one painting more than the other. Your taste in art is as unique as your taste in food or clothes, inspired by your background, upbringing and even professional expertise.


Collect information on the artist and the historical background. To analyze “Guernica” by Picasso, you need to know that Guernica is a town demolished by the Nazi, and you have to

Classic Tips for Drawing Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. It does not matter what kind of artist you are, from a painter to a writer, inspiration can be found anywhere. Some find it in nature; some find it deep in the cities; some have the purpose of creating detailed figurative drawings; while some tend to care more about the process of being creative. The one thing that remains the same, though, is that artists are more productive when they know how to find and use inspiration around them.

If you’re up for some creative challenges, here are a few classic favorites:

1. Look at People

There are many ways to use your surroundings to find inspiration. If you are the kind of artist that likes to search for inspiration outdoors, you can go to a park and people watch. You can observe their interactions with one another, or with their kids, or even with their pets; you can observe them in contrast to the environment around them. Then, you can use those people’s experiences as inspiration for your art. You can paint them exactly as you seem them, or you can use what they represent and draw inspiration from the merging